We are happy to introduce our new elegant collection of luxurious flower bouquets.  At Sarah Diamant Florist, we look forward with great pleasure to creating your seasonal bouquets for your special occasion made with the finest quality of handpicked flowers and greenery.

All our beautiful flowers are hand-tied and come aqua packed in gift bags and sustainable wrapping.


We offer exquisite corporate flower bouquets for offices, hotels, restaurants and companies for celebration and award events for your colleagues, clients and suppliers. 

These gift bouquets are a beautiful way of showing your appreciation to those who have helped your business succeed. 


We want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible, so through the ordering flowers online process, the delivery options are flexible and are available seven days a week.

Our next day flower delivery service applies to orders placed before 3 pm the day before.

All orders for Saturday, Sunday or Monday deliveries will need to be placed at the latest on Friday before 3 pm.

If you need more information about our delivery services, please click here.


In order to keep your delivered flowers fresh and looking at their best as long as possible, there are few easy steps to follow:

Prepare a clean vase three quarters full of fresh water (not too cold).
Add approximately one third of the flower food (provided with the bouquet) into the water while stirring.
Carefully remove the bouquet from the gift bag.
Place it over a sink and undo the attached ribbon from the aqua pack to release the water.
Gently remove the remaining sustainable wrapping.
Cut off 2 cm at an angle from the bottom of the stems.
Place the bouquet into your vase making sure there are no leaves touching the water.
Every two days, remove the bouquet from the vase, gently picking out any wilted flowers.
Dispose of the old water – you can use this to water outdoor plants.
Clean your vase thoroughly.
Fill the vase again with fresh water and add approximately one third of the flower food as described above.
Recut the stems of the bouquet at an angle, 2 cm from the bottom of the stems.
Place your beautiful bouquet back into the vase and carefully place it back in its location.

Like us, flowers are sensitive and delicate and need to be well looked after. They should not be placed in direct sunlight, heat or drafty areas (i.e. under an air conditioning unit or an open window).

A summary of the ‘Flower Care – Instructions’ will be written on the back of your message card.

All flowers and plants supplied by Sarah Diamant Florist are for display purposes only and must not be eaten.

Please let us know if you have any health issues that you feel may affect your selection of flowers. We will be happy to advise i.e. pollen allergies.

If you need more details regarding our luxury bouquets, please contact us directly by clicking here.


Looking for a unique present?

Our gift cards are a perfect present for your friends or loved ones. Our vouchers can be used for our luxury bouquets or for our floral masterclasses as shown within our online boutique section.